Friday, September 9, 2016

The Eifel

We just returned from a lovely trip to the Eifel in Germany.
We had been invited by my oldest son's parents-in-law,
 who live close to the Eifel National Park.
It's a 2.5 hours' drive and instead of going there only
 for the weekend, we decided to stay the whole week. 
We had a really great weekend with them! 

The rest of the week we did some nice trips. 
We loved the small city of Monschau with its
 typical German houses.

We bought some homemade salad dressing
 with German mustard and honey to enjoy at home.

 And in Heimbach we found our favorite shop.

It is full of homemade liqueur and vinegar. 

We brought home four small bottles with different
 flavors of vinegar. The vinegar's acidity is only
3% and it tastes very fruity. 
It can be used for salads, of course, but you can also
 drink it with water like lemonade or put some
 drops in your champagne.

The kids liked the visit to the glass blowing factory.

Beautiful houses everywhere.

I thought that pillow on the bench at the bus
 stop was very funny.

Cake and ice cream everyday.

But what they loved most was seeing their brothers.
They love them so much, and now that they
 bring girlfriends, they love them even more!