Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A promise made is a debt unpaid

Tutorial Vintage Easter Eggs

This is what you need:

1. Styrofoam eggs (I use KNORR prandell eggs - 8x5 cm).
2. A paint brush
3. Transfer varnish frosted (for decoupage) (KNORR prandell)
4. Black paper napkins (3 layers)
5. A long pin (to hold the egg)
6. Glue

You only use the upper layer of the paper napkin. Tear it up into pieces (not too neatly!).

Apply one coat of varnish to the entire surface of the egg, then start gluing the paper onto the egg. Again, you don't want it to look too neatly. After you have covered up the whole egg with paper, apply a 2nd coat of varnish and apply a 2nd layer of paper.

Apply a last coat of varnish and let the egg dry.

Remove the pin and cover up the little hole with varnish and paper, like you did with the rest of the egg. Put it upside down in a glass or a cup and let it dry.

When the egg is dry, check if there are no light spots. These spots need another layer of paper.

Time to decorate! The best part! I use this UHU glue stick. It is important to chose the right glue, this one will dry clear and invisible.

Have fun!