Thursday, March 23, 2017

Letting the fresh air in

Letting the fresh air in today!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

My reading nook

My favourite corner in the living room!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Audiobook journal

I have been working on this journal for
 the last couple of days. 

It's an audiobook journal for my daughter, 
who doesn't like to read, but loves to listen
 to audiobooks.

2012: 16 books
2013: 52 books
2014: 60 books
2015: 80 books
2016: 38 books
(this is the year we started going
 to the library, a big money saver!)
2017: counting

From now on she will keep the list updated herself.

At least I hope so!

Friday, February 10, 2017


Isn't this the cutest, funniest bookmark
 you have ever seen?

Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I have waited for Shifting Colours to be translated
 in Dutch or German, but I think it isn't going to
 happen, so I finally bought it in English. It is set in 
South Africa during apartheid and about
 adoption, so it's a book I have to read!  


This has been my bedtime reading for the last
 couple of days. I have seen it on so many
 booklists and I love it.
(The nightingale - Kristin Hannah)


I have watched all 8 seasons (!) of Gilmore Girls
 on Netflix during the last couple weeks and I had
 such a good time. I'm feeling a little sad now
 that I'm done. 


Next on my list is Outlander season two, but I will
 wait a couple of days, it's just too different from
 Gilmore Girls. I tried the first book, but I didn't like it.
 I gave it a second chance and bought the series
 on dvd because everybody talked about it. 
Although it is much too violent for my taste, 
I couldn't stop watching.


We started this audio book in the car. It's the first
 book of a series and my daughter loves it.
It's interesting to sometimes read the books
 they're reading and listen to the audiobooks
 they love.


I was out of audiobooks from the library, but found
 "The Stranger" by Harlan Coben on my phone. 
A lot of reviewers didn't like the ending...
let's see how the story develops.

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Saturday morning

What a mess!

Friday, January 27, 2017


I have wanted to buy these notebooks for so long.

They are my new book journals.

I'm using the small one to keep track of the books I read.

And the large one  to note book titles and authors
 I want to check out in the library (or the bookstore).

I should have done this years ago!

Have a nice weekend everybody!

Friday, January 13, 2017

The Lion King, Madurodam and the beach

Last weekend we went to the musical The Lion King
 (so amazing!) in the Netherlands in Scheveningen beach. We wanted to meet up with my sister and her family on Saturday, but the roads were extremely slippery in
 her part of the country and they couldn't make it
 (it's a 1,5-hour drive). 

Instead we went to Madurodam, a tourist attraction,
 showing lots of Dutch highlights in miniature.
 Last time I went there, my husband and I were
 not even married yet, which is almost 30 years ago.
 It was fun to take the kids there.

On Sunday the weather was unexpectedly beautiful
 and instead of driving back immediately, 
we had a short stop at the beach.

I miss the beach and the water in Holland so much. 

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year

I have to confess: I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Eve. 
I normally go the bed around 11.30pm on weekdays,
 but after Christmas I always feel tired and in need of a break. Yesterday I would have loved to go to bed early, but couldn't because it was New Year's Eve ;). 

My goal for this year is to read more. 
I read a lot, but I'd like to read more. 
Instead of watching some stupid tv show
 before going to bed, I want to read.
I feel so much better when I read more.

These are all the books I want to read
 (or finish) in 2017:

And I would like to read all my daughter's
 Anne of Green Gables books.

Let's see how far I can get.


Monday, December 26, 2016


Somebody had the wonderful idea to install an
 ice-skating rink in the village next to ours.

It's free of charge and free skate hire!
The kids meet up with their friends almost every day. 
We just drop them off and pick them
 up a couple of hours later.
The person who had this idea should get a medal!