Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Yarn Along {May 2019}

I am knitting Gryer by Isabell Kraemer. 
Gryer is a beautiful shawl I have knit before, 
but the yarn I used was not the best for this pattern.
 This time I am using Woolfolk TOV
 (I found the yarn at 50% off)
 and love it so much more. 
The colourways I'm working with are Natural, 
Sand and Fig (although to me this is more
 like a "chocolate brown").

The book I'm reading (another 50 pages to go) 
is the same as last time:
The thirteenth tale by Diane Setterfield. 
It isn't as much about books as I hoped it
 would be and after I read 1/3, I forced myself
 to start all over again because
 I had the impression I missed parts of the story
 (which might be because I mostly read
 this book at bedtime 😊).

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