Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yarn Along

Linking up with Yarn Along today
(for the first time).

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the kids' 
homework and dancing schedule at the moment, 
so I grabbed my needles and started knitting. 
It always helps me to be more patient. 

I needed two new hot water bottle covers to
 match the colors in the guest room (grey and white).

And when they were done, I found the same
 yarn in red and green and decided to make
 two covers for Christmas. It feels kind of funny
 to knit for Christmas, but there is never enough 
time in December to do projects like this. 
So why not in March!

The book I'm currently reading is The Edwardian Lady.
(The Story of Edith Holden).
I had never heard of her before,
 but I love her paintings and drawings very much.
I bought the book secondhand.