Sunday, March 6, 2016


After my dad's cremation, we had the chance to
 chat with some of his cousins. 
One of them asked me if I knew about 
"our cousin Michel", who has a wine farm
 and a B&B in France

Michel and his wife Erica van den Beld, 
a Dutch couple, bought a wine farm and 
moved to France  with their family a
 couple of years ago.

And you know what's so special about their wine?

It has my name on it! 
My maiden name is "van den Beld" 
(VANDENBELD is their brand name).
The only thing is that we are not
sure if we are really related.
But hey, who cares ;).

We bought a couple of crates to drink
 on my son's communion (Erica delivered the
 bottles to our doorstep when
 she came to Luxembourg). 

And I just couldn't throw the empty crates away
 (of course not)! 

If you want to know more, 
click here for their wine and 
here for their B&B. 

(the website is in Dutch).