Thursday, May 1, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday - April 30th, 2014

It has been months since I last posted pictures for What I Wore Wednesday. Most of the time I was just too lazy to mount the tripod (and find the mounting head!), search the internet because I didn't remember how to set the self-timer on my camera, search the internet again because I knew my camera could take five shots in a row but I hade forgotten how, take pictures, unscrew the mounting head, take out my memory card to check the pictures on my computer and find out that I looked terrible and start all over again.

This weekend however, I asked my daughter to try to take some photos and they were not that bad. She likes to learn how to use a camera and it saves me a lot of time (hah!).

So here they are:

^ Sunday afternoon outfit. 
Cardigan: By Ti-Mo; Underdress: Kaffe; 
Leggings: Cream; Boots: Esprit

^ Cardigan: By Ti-Mo; Underdress: Kaffe
Boots: Gabor; Necklace: handmade by me.

^ Dress: Cream; Tights: ?; Boots: Gabor

^ My daughter. 
Jeans, top and blouse from Lola & Liza.