Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas at our house

December is one of my favorite months.
There have been so many beautiful 
moments to cherish this December.

^ The nutcracker ballet (girls only).

^ Christmas cookies (my best friend bakes
the best cookies).


^ Christmas decorations.

^ Lots of tea and hot chocolate.


^ A Christmas performance in which both
kids danced (and I cried).

^ A living christmas tree (because it doesn't drop its
needles) in an olive basket. 
These trees are rather small. 
When my husband brought it home, 
my daughter said: "Is that our christmas tree?"
And when my son came home a couple of days later,
he texted his girl friend: "We don't have a
christmas tree this year." And ten minutes
later: "We do have a tree, I just found it."
 (this was not meant to be a joke).

^ Christmas dinner.

^ Tiramisu (our favorite dessert).

^ I love to read about the "Little House" Christmases!

^ New warm PJs.

^ And lots and lots of games.