Wednesday, August 7, 2013


The summer vacation here in Luxembourg always starts on July 15th and ends on September 15th. Like every year, our community organized two weeks of excursions, games and fun play time for kindergarten and elementary school children. The kids love it! And I love it too! It gives me some time to read and relax and prepare my house for the six remaining weeks.
We had some really hot days, too hot to leave the house, so I decided to do some organizing and decluttering. I like to start the summer vacation with a clean, uncluttered house. Having stuff lying around everywhere makes me nervous and I don't want to feel like that during the summer vacation. 

So, I started with the children's bookshelves.

The medicine box. This box is always ready to take with us when we spend more than one or two nights away from home.

My daughter's shoes. She is ready for the next size. Her feet are getting so big.

The game shelves.

The cabinet where I keep our toothpaste/
shampoo/deodorant etc. supply.

The great CD purge! We are huge audiobook fans! I used to burn them on CD, but recently we started downloading them on our iPods. The kids use my son's old iPod Nano and I bought one for myself (used) on Ebay. This is perfect! Because all the books you download stay in your library, I can add and delete them whenever I want. I don't know how many I purged exactly, but it was a lot.

End of year school stuff. The kids brought home tons of books and paper. I checked every single paper and threw away most of them. I kept some dictations in German and French for next year.

I feel soooo much better now :-))