Sunday, April 21, 2013

Holy Communion

I remember only a few details of my First Holy Communion. I know I was wearing a dark blue velvet dress and when the priest showed us how to receive the host for the first time, he gave us a little white peppermint. It was a simple celebration.

I'm sure my daughter will retain more vivid memories of this day. It is one of the most important days in a child's life in Luxembourg.

We were so lucky, the weather was beautiful. The kids walked in a small procession to the church.


She looked so happy. I had a hard time fighting back my tears.


Oh, the hair (love it! hate it!) She had been begging me for weeks if she could wear her hair like this. It isn't the best style for going to school, dancing and swimming, but for this one special occasion....

All these boys! She is the only girl in our family (both sides). 


Her oldest brother does an internship in Luxembourg and is living back home again for three months. Big brother number two came home from Germany to celebrate with her.

The food:

We prefer to celebrate at home. When the kids get bored, they can go upstairs or play in the garden. 

I love to set the table for a special occasion. 

We ordered the main course and prepared the entrée and the dessert ourselves (I forgot to take pictures of every course).


What she wore:

For the official part in church, children wear white tunics. I love that. When I came to Luxembourg, the kids were dressed up like it was their wedding day. Little boys in suits and little girls in long white dresses. The tunics make them all look equal. It prevents moms from buying dresses for hundreds of euros (just to keep up with the neighbours :-)). 
For our family celebration I wanted her to wear something simple. Cute, but not expensive. I found this off-white dress by coincidence already more than a year ago (H&M) for 25 euros. I prayed that she wouldn't outgrow the dress, but for that price I thought it was worth taking the risk.

A couple of weeks ago I found leggings (Cream) in the same color, for 39.95 €. They have lovely details and buttons. 

And the best thing is that she can wear this outfit all summer long!

Thank you!

I wanted to give something personal to our guests, something from South Africa. I found this African Rub in a German online shop. It is made of 17 different spices and it smells so good! I found the small glass jars on Amazon.

The point shows where she comes from: Johannesburg.