Monday, December 24, 2012

Student life in Aachen

Our boys (22 and 20) both have a student flat in Aachen/Germany and we decided that Christmas time was the perfect time to visit them. We went to the wonderful Christmas market together and they took us to a really nice restaurant. We booked a hotel for the night so we could enjoy the evening together. The kids love to spend time with their brothers, even more so now that they are not living in Luxembourg most of the time anymore.

On the market there was a gentleman selling
 what looked like old, rusty screws,
 screw drivers and other tools.
Can you imagine that they were all
made of chocolate?! They looked very real.

"Lebkuchen" is a German holiday treat
similar to ginger bread and the shop
 windows all looked so inviting.

We had hot chocolate....

....and "Glühwein"
and we realized how proud we are
 of the caring, responsible young adults
these boys have become.