Saturday, September 22, 2012

How to use CommentLuv

I have made some changes to my blog recently. Well, actually Casey from HotBliggityBlog did most of the work. She really helped me a lot. Like when you are trying for days (weeks) to make something work and she fixes it in 10 minutes....that kind of help. 
She changed my template so that I could have CommentLuv installed. Last week one of my blogger friends from Holland mailed me (I have a new email address just for this blog on the left side of the sidebar) that she didn't know how to leave me a comment. I thought she might not be the only one, so I'll give you a quick explanation.

If you leave a comment to a CommentLuv enabled blog or website, you get a chance to add a link going back to your site. That sounds cool doesn't it?!

This is how the comments section looks:


Site URL normally shows your blog link. When it is the first time you leave a comment you probably have to type it once. 
A little bit further down you fill in your name and email address (when it doesn't show already).

Now that everything is filled in, you move your cursor to the comment box and start typing. At the same time you can see the word "CommentLuv" change into the link of your own last blog entry. When you click on the small arrow behind this blog entry, you also have the possibility to link to one of your earlier blog entries. Click on the link of your choice. 
All you have to do now is hit the "Submit Comment" button.

And this is how the other person's comments section looks afterwards (it is my blog now because I commented on my own blog :-)) ). It shows your comment and thereunder "My recent post" with a clickable link back to your own blog. 

I think this is a really nice tool to show your appreciation to fellow bloggers who take the time to leave you a comment. 

I know my English isn't perfect :-(, but I hope you were able to understand what I meant.

Have a wonderful weekend everybody.

(Je mag natuurlijk altijd contact met me opnemen in het Nederlands! Graag zelfs).