Sunday, September 30, 2012

Busy days

 The past two weeks have been pretty crazy around here.
All the material for the new school year, winter jackets, boots, backpacks, sports shoes..... How did I do that fifteen years ago without the internet?
I was so shocked by the price of that Scout backpack (the one on the right). Because my son is rather small and these kids have so many heavy books to carry around every day, I wanted a quality backpack for him this year. Can you believe that I paid 130 euros?!
Hair braiding.

Primary school books are free in Luxembourg. And oh how my husband loves the day when they come home with all their new books and the request to plastify them asap. He does this so much better than I, that's why I let him do the job :-).
And there were so many trips to IKEA for son number two who moved out this weekend. He goes to college next week and found a really nice flat. Unfortunately it didn't have a kitchen and my husband had to drive to Germany twice to install a small kitchen and buy some cooking equipment. Now he can at least bake an egg.
Did you notice all the cleaning stuff I bought him?! I hope it gives him the inspiration to clean up every now and then :-(.
Yesterday night was his first night in Germany and although it isn't easy to let him go, I am not feeling as depressed as I was two years ago. It is just the way life is meant to be and you get used to the feeling of not having them around all the time. It makes the days when they come home more special!
I am really looking forward to normal, quiet days. I am feeling tired.