Saturday, July 14, 2012

Where Bloggers Create 2012

Hello and welcome!

^ Today I am linking up with Karen over at My Desert Cottage for Where Bloggers Create 2012. I couldn't participate last year because of a house renovation. We built an extension and part of our old living room has been transformed into a small studio for me. I couldn't be happier!

^ My computer desk where I write my blog posts.

^ I bought this set of 3 old bedroom closets in Holland. They were just the right size, had the right color and have glass in the upper part of the doors (I love that!).

^ The printer tray cabinet was in a miserable state and completely green (!) when I bought it. We brought it to the local carpenter and when it came back I hardly recognised it. It holds all my beads.

^ I have collected several yarns display cabinets over the year and this one is my favorite.

^ If there was a fire in our house, I would run back in again to save these two ladies :-).

^ An old bin and really lovely shoe trees with heels from England.

^ This antique display is perfect to take pictures of my jewelry.

^ Bought at the "brocante" in Arlon/Belgium.

^ These bins with glass cover are old cookie bins.

^ Old bank deposit safes and leather collar boxes.

^ Old French clock numbers.

^ My favorite leather covered hat stand.

^ Numbers, bought in Belgium, probably from an old bingo game. The glass jars were used at my husband's parents' farmhouse.

^ Swarovski glass, these Austrian cut glass crystals are possibly the best in the world.

^ Morrocan lamp and an old oak box.

^ I am of Dutch origin :-).

^ This is my husband's grandfather's pyjama (really!). I wear it for lampworking.

^ I have still some stuff I need to hang on the walls: souvenirs from South Africa, family pictures, embroideries my aunt made 50 years ago and a lot of paintings from my great-grandfather.

^ I bought this display case because I loved the shape. I am not sure what to do with it yet, but I'll find something.

^ My children love to come to the studio and work side-by-side ...

^ ... or do their homework.

Well, that's it...I hope you made it till the last photo!
Now I am going to hop over and see where you create.

Thank you Karen for hosting this fun event every year.


  1. Hi Natacha, OMG, I'm totally in love with your gorgeous vintage pieces. All those fabulous yarn cabinets and other chests of drawers make me drool. I have a thing for shoe lasts but have never seen a pair for high heels before. Awesome! I also adore your collar boxes, the cookie bins and that tri-angled display. It looks like you enjoy going to antique and flea markets as much as I do. Thank you for sharing your wonderful place!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. A fun, lovely and gogeous place.
    You have such adorable furniture in there.
    Love it!
    Eva Agnes

  3. Just lovely. I enjoyed all of you antique pieces and fell in love with your 3 gorgeous cabinets you purchased in Holland. Thanks for sharing.


  4. I love all of your antiques..... I am a collector also. I love your space and I would most definitely go back in and save those two ladies too!

    Keep creating!


  5. You have some of the greatest storage cabinets I've ever seen! Love the gray closets - what a serendipitous find!

  6. you have a beautiful workspace! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Love your storage cabinets! What a nice space! Thanks for sharing. ~ Terri

  8. Amazing antiques in your studio!!! You lucky girl!!!

  9. You have so many beautiful cabinets and display pieces. LOVE the yarn display piece.
    Your studio is beautiful...what an awesome place to create!

  10. I love your space and the creative way you have used unique vintage treasures to hold your supplies. You are very talented!

  11. Natacha...
    Well...what can I say? Firstly I have to wipe the drool off my chin sweetie!!! Your space is simply gorgeous! Those cabinets! Honey...I'd run over small children and lame animals to have them! Oh...and YOU may run back into the house for the "lady heads" (they are just too cha cha aren't they!) but I'd plow over the biggest fireman to grab those women's shoe trees!!! You HAD to be shopping alone when you got those...if not, then your friend went home with a broken arm didn't she?!!?? ROFLOL Your display pieces show that you have a very good eye...I envy you your shopping venues! I'm excited about becoming a new follower of your blog!

    just me...sending sunny wishes from Texas...jan

  12. I wanted to move into your space b the second picture..... such lovely treasures you craft among...So in love with your space....

  13. Such a great space! I love the children's beads in the glass jars. I remember when my children used to use those beads. Thank you for the memory.


  14. Such a wonderful creative space and I love all of your treasures! Thank you for sharing it with us.

  15. wow what a neat space. I like all your wooden drawers, and the "ladys" that keep you company

  16. love your antiques and bits and bobs!!

  17. Your antiques are Oh So Beautiful but your two ladies are just wonderful...and I would do anything to save them....Just lovely studio!

  18. Such incredible stuff! Those ladies are so fun I can see why you would save them first! Thanks for sharing your unique items and fabulous storage furniture

  19. Hello dear Natacha!
    Fancy seeing you playing along in this years WBC party :) You have so many awesome vintage pieces in your studio that makes me want to just come and steel them lol
    That yarn display cabinet which is your favorite is just to die for and so is the printers tray cabinet! I also love your closets from Holland!
    Sending you very happy WBC party wishes!
    Your friend

  20. Just had to pin some of your photos to my Studio of my dreams Pinterest board!

  21. Wow you have some gorgeous pieces of furniture in your space. LOVE your printers cabinet. I smiled at your grandfathers nightie, most people don't know men use to wear them. I would never have known that stand was a hat stand. Thanks for sharing, keep smiling and creating

  22. Oh Natacha you have some gorgeous storage pieces!!!! I loved them all but we have the same favorite. That glass front cabinet with all the cubbies!!! Love it!!
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely studio with us!!! Have fun at the party!

  23. Your space is adorable! Love your ladies--they're beautiful. Love the organization and the cubby cabinet with your lace and other goodies. I'll be back to look at the pictures when I have more time. TFS!

  24. I love your space and all your antiques and cabinets. So much fun to look at. Thanks for sharing.


  25. My goodness you have some wonderful display pieces and each and everyone is so unique, just beautiful, loved the tour of your Studio, Fantastic!! Enjoy the party! Hugs Marilou

  26. I loved your tour, and I would go back in to save those two ladies too!!! Thanks for sharing!

  27. Amazing antique pieces, they really make such a unique and great storage and displays for all your things. The room is also very bright and has great natural light. Lovely space!!!

  28. Where do I begin? What a wonderful space. Love all the pretties but especially love all your storage - your space has a great feel!

  29. You have some to die for display cases and things. What a fun space to visit. Thanks so much for sharing.

  30. Love your vintage cabinets.You have a wonderful space.Looks like you do not have to share with any thing Laura

  31. Hello, it's nice to meet and follow you! Now, where do I begin? With the cabinets, or with all of the pretties you have, or with all of the display cases.... I really don't know! You have such a beautiful studio. thanks for sharing

    Ciao Bella
    Sensible Sarah

  32. you have some beautiful things in your studio and the flea market in Arlon is one of my favourite places to go shopping

  33. Oh I am in love with all of your beautiful vintage
    cabinetry ! Just gorgeous :)

  34. Lovely studio... I love your printer's cabinet and yarn display cabinets! Thank you for sharing with us.


  35. Oh! You have the COOLEST stuff! I love it ALL! Thank you for sharing.

  36. Wow, what a beautiful and cheerful place you've made out of your basement. It's lovely!


    Victoria from Brushstrokes

  37. I love your printer tray cabinet and the dutch cupboards. They are very pretty.

    Have a nice creative summer.


  38. So fun seeing your great space! I do love that printers tray- gosh I cannot imagine the work in re furbishing a piece like that with all those little cubbies. I do love your lady heads- they faces are fabulous- did you paint these?

    bee blessed

  39. Oh how FUN!!! I love all of your space! The wooden ladie's shoes are incredible...as is the printer's cabinet! What unique storage and lovely bits and bobs all throughout!! I'd have so much fun playing in there!!
    Blessings, Doni

  40. First, I adore the clear, sharp lines of your photographs! It makes it such a pleasure to view! The wide expanse of light coming through your window as you write your blog I'm sure inspires you.... I know it does for me! If you check my blog, you will see that I have one, too! The beautiful antiques that you have utilized for storage is charming. And the mannequin heads.... I adore these!! Thanks for sharing your space!

  41. You have a wonderful space for creating. All your treasures are beautiful and they fill the perfectly. Your view from your computer desk is just amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  42. I really enjoyed seeing things I don't see , like the ladies wooden shoes lase?

    your cabinets are wonderful

  43. Your studio is awesome. I would enjoy working in it. The bedroom closets and yarn cubbies are fabulous. Love the sassy mannequins.

    Thanks for sharing.

  44. Oh I adore all the old wood cabinets and drawers.... I am drooling over each photo! What an incredible place, thank you for sharing!!

  45. Absolutely lovely! Exactly what a crafting studio should be, side by side with your children - love it.


  46. Oh my, you have an exquisite collection of antiques! I've never seen shoe trees with heels - that just went to the top of my "want" list. Thanks so much for the tour!


  47. Love everything but I think the ladies are my favorite! The yarn cabinet is great too!
    Love your studio!

  48. Great craft studio! I love your printer's tray cabinet, I wish I could have one (or maybe 2), of those. Wonderful way of storing all your treasures and jewels. Thanks for sharing!

  49. Your studio is beautiful. I love the yarn cabinet in the first picture and the display you have in it. I agree that it would be hard to not want to save your 2 ladies if there was a fire. You have collected many wonderful things that make your room very special and fun to tour.

  50. I love all the natural wood in your room. And those two ladies are very special. I bet you love it!