Friday, July 6, 2012

Soy and almond milk

My first homemade non-dairy milk: one bottle of almond milk and 2 1/2 bottles of soy milk. It was so much fun and really easy to make. And the most important thing: the kids love it. I add some honey or a little bit of chocolate. Next week I am going to try to make rice milk. Let's see how that works out.


  1. Inspired by you, I cleaned out some drawers and cupboards in my kitchen..Lots more room now and a load of unused items went to the recycling center! Bliss.

  2. This is so interesting. We don't eat meat...or drink milk....I just might have to try this out.

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    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  3. How interesting! I just bought some almond milk. I like to sneak it into recipes -- my kids don't know the difference. :) I've been vegetarian for several years -- hard to find a lot of dairy alternatives where I live, though. Have a great day. Tammy

  4. Well done Natacha and it looks so fresh and yummy! I love it when my daughter makes us fresh almond milk in our Vitamix. Btw thanks again for the 30 days vegan online class. I really enjoyed it and saved all the recipes for when my daughter moves out and I have to start cooking my own vegan meals.

  5. I would love to have the recipe for this as I don't drink dairy milk anymore.
    Ps I'm also Luxembourg based

  6. Hi,

    how nice to meet other bloggers from Luxembourg! In my 2nd July post I posted a picture of my new Soyabella. With this machine you make soy/rice and almond milk in 15 minutes. I always soak my beans/rice and nuts overnight and prepare the milk the next morning. My kids often drink it warm with a spoonful of honey. However, I think you can easily make non dairy milk without a soy maker. A normal blender could do the job. It is basically water and ground beans. If you pass it through a fine mesh sieve, you get the milk without having to buy a machine. From what I understand, soy beans should not be eaten raw!

    Léif Gréiss,