Thursday, January 13, 2011

A cookbook with a history

This is my late mother-in-law's cookbook. It is full of handwritten and cut-out magazine recipes in German and French. She was a very good cook.

I found some real little treasures, such as a very old menu for the occasion of the First Communion of one of my husband's cousins.

And let's be honest..."Délice de Parme et sa petite verdure" sounds so much better than "Parma ham with vegetables", doesn't it!?

Lovely details.

The recipe for "Bouneschlupp", a real luxembourgish soup made of green beans.

My mother-in-law wrote very neatly and s-l-o-w-l-y.

A magazine article in the old German script. It takes some practice to read it.

And a whole series of cookbooks in French. They are quite handy because they contain step-by-step pictures of all the recipes.

In the book about eggs I found the recipe for "Crêpes gratinées au fromage" (pancakes with cheese). This was the first meal my husband cooked for me.