Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fish platter

Have you ever wondered what these round objects with holes behind the silver- and glassware in my cabinet are? I didn't know what they were used for when I first saw them.

They are part of a fish platter. We call them "treef" in Dutch. It fits in a bigger plate, so that the excess liquid can drip through.

I started collecting them...

... and I have almost 50 of them now, all different!

This is only part of my collection.


  1. Wat een bijzondere verzameling! Ik heb nog zo'n complete schaal in het diner servies van mijn oma, maar wij noemden dat altijd de aspergeschaal. Ach ja, what's in a name? Ik wens je een fijne dag, groetjes!

  2. I love the treef's , they are very interesting and pretty. I had never heard of them.