Monday, March 15, 2010

Drawer or box?

Hello and good morning everybody!

Do you take your husband with you when you go to a flea market?
Well, yesterday I went to the monthly flea market in Arlon/Belgium (we live near the border) and I did take him with me. It was really cold and he wasn't dressed properly, so he kind of ran through the streets, two steps ahead of me all the time, which made me nervous because I had no time to look around. And then I saw this nice little drawer (I love drawers!) somewhere in a corner for 10€ and thought it would be perfect for my paper napkins.

"What is it, a box?"
"It's an old drawer".
"But it looks like an old box, not even beautiful. We have no place left and apart from that, what are you going to put in it?"

It took me some time to convince him of the beauty of the drawer (do you see the old paper tags on the front!). Doesn't it just look great with all my stuff in it? Does anybody recognize this conversation?

I might as well go alone next time!


  1. Hahaha, mijn man WIL niet eens meer mee, maar als we zoals vorige week in Antwerpen 'toevallig' in een rommelwinkeltje verzeild raken, dan weet hij ook niet hoe snel hij weer naar buiten moet komen. De conversatie zou precies die van ons kunnen zijn. Leuk laadje, van een naaimachine meubel? En je hebt hem gelijk leuk ingericht ook!

  2. Yes I understand. Going alone or with a girlfriend who shares your love of "things" is much the better plan. I don't like having some one steal my JOY

  3. I love your old drawer, and my husband would say the same thing. I went to a very large flea market this past weekend, but I went with my friend. I applaud you for getting your husband to go with you!