Monday, February 22, 2010

Mother and daughter

It doesn't happen very often that mommy is dressed up like this (we were going out for dinner with my husband's colleagues) and my daughter just got her new pink African braids, so we asked daddy to make a photo. Do you see her sweet dimples? Six years ago, when we knew she was going to be our daughter, we called her foster mother, who told us she had such lovely dimples. Dimples??? I didn't know the word and we had to look it up in the dictionary. Her foster mother was right, she has the most beautiful dimples when she smiles!


  1. Beautiful ladies...beautiful smiles...


  2. Geweldige foto! Heerlijk die kuiltjes! Ik heb er ook 1 tje met dimples!

  3. I absolutely enjoyed visiting your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and very inspirational.

  4. So adorable! And those dimples....? Priceless. So glad she is yours!