Sunday, February 21, 2010

Easter eggs

How about some vintage Easter eggs?
I decorated them with lace and different charms.

I was looking for eggs in natural colours but I just couldn't find them, so I started to make them myself. It is a fun thing to do.


  1. Hi Natacha, what a great idea, I love that cameo one.

    Have a great day,

  2. Je bent er al vroeg bij! Maar het is ook wel heel erg leuk om eieren te versieren, deze zijn hartstikke mooi geworden! Fijne zondag!

  3. I was just wondering did you hollow them out and what did you use to make the backgrounds white and black? They look great I love the white cameo.

  4. Hi Trianna,

    These are no real eggs. They are made out of Styropor (you know, the white stuff used as packaging material). They are very light but not fragile like real eggs. The white and black background is made from several layers of paper napkins. You only use the 1st top layer (they normally have 3)and tear it in small pieces. In any crafts store you will find transfer varnish for paper napkins. You first put the varnish on the egg, then a piece of paper, and again varnish on top of this. Repeat this till the whole egg is well covered with paper. Let it dry and decorate with whatever you like.

  5. Thank you for explaining your method to me. I really like the textured appearance of the surfaces.