Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow and baking

It started to snow yesterday evening and when I woke up this morning and looked out of the bedroom window, this was what I saw! Although I am so ready for springtime, snow always makes me happy.

And then we did some baking this weekend. I made my famous cheese peach pie, because our sweet Spanish friend S. and her son came over for a coffee. They are very special to us. We travelled together with her and her husband to South Africa in 2005 to adopt our sons, which was a wonderful experience. We cried and we laughed together in these two weeks in Johannesburg. We had such a good time and they were so patient when our daughter, who had just turned 2 at that time, did everything she could to compete with the new baby. The boys are born in the same month and stayed in the same children's home for the first months of their lives and were adopted on the same day. I think this will unite them forever.

And these "Verwuerelter" as they call them here, were made by my husband. Some of my Dutch readers will look at them and say: But these are "oliebollen" and well, yes, they are right. They taste the same but are just a size smaller. In Holland they are the traditional food at New Year's Eve and here in Luxembourg we eat them for Carnival. I like building traditions for and with the children.


  1. Mmmm het water loopt me in de mond! Mijn (belgische) oma bakte ook nogal eens oliebollen als het geen Oud en Nieuw was, ik zit te graven naar de naam die zij gebruikte, iets als smoutebollen. Ik krijg al trek als ik je blogpost lees!

  2. You have a beautiful blog.

    Renee xoxo