Monday, January 18, 2010


Did I already introduce my cat to you? We adopted her +/- 10 years ago. We have never found out where she came from, she just came to our house one day and never left. After about 2 weeks my husband (who grew up on a farm) looked at her and said: "I'm sure she is pregnant!" We kind of panicked. Who was her owner? And if there was no owner.....one cat was ok, but did we want to have baby cats? What were we going to do with them? We went to the vetrinarian who confirmed our diagnosis. "How many?". "I can feel two", he said (for one moment I thought about keeping them...), and then: "No, four". "Do you know how many wild cats roam around in your village?", he asked. He was right, they are everywhere. Well, to make a long story short...she had an abortion...of six by the way, not four! And after we paid the doctor's bill, we called her officially "our" cat, and I love her dearly.