Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas time!
We stayed at home for the first time in many years. Normally we go to the Netherlands to visit my family, but this time I really felt like staying in Luxembourg and making some of our own family traditions. My father and mother in law both passed away and one brother in law spent the holidays in the US and the other in Germany, so it was just the six of us and it was perfect.

We had a nice raclette dinner, which is always fun for the kids.

We played cards with the boys and we made these images with "iron-on-beads" with the kids.

We watched "The illusionist" (highly recommended!) and "The orphanage" on DVD and the boys insisted on watching "Home alone" 1 and 2 on TV for the 385th time or so.

And this was my Christmas gift. Do you know "Pandora" and "Chamilia" jewelry? They are a big hit in Holland. You buy a basic bracelet and then you start adding different charms. They come in gold, silver, glass, gemstones and there are lots and lots of them to choose from. It took me several years to create this bracelet (I love it so much I am wearing it day and night), but with the charm my husband gave me for Christmas (the one with the golden heart in the middle), it is almost complete!!! Perhaps one or two spacers for my birthday in Febuary and then it is really full. Your family and friends will be happy too, they'll always know what to buy for your birthday. My next project will be a charm necklace!

Wishing you all a healthy and happy New Year!


  1. Your Christmas sounded wonderful! What is a raclette dinner? Your jewelry is beautiful!

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment!

  2. Hi natacha,hey ja die ken ik wel die panora armbandjes, schattig zijn ze he ! Zo heb je altijd iets te vragen ;-)

    Wat een gezellige kerst heb je gehad, ook wel eens fijn he om gewoon ( wat is gewoon eigenlijk, ook dat kan heel bijzonder zijn) lekker thuis te zijn. Wij zijn samn, en hebben samen een heerlijke bouef bourgignon gemaakt...een lekker wijntje en wat leuke tv films...ach dan mag je gewoon dankbaar zijn he ,
    fijne week komende week en een goede jaarwisseling, tot gauw weer !

    Liefs, Elise

  3. Your charms are beautiful. I have a Brighton bracelet started like it.
    Do you make the little charms? They are so cute. I love how you put definitions in it!