Saturday, November 18, 2017

Me and my candles - Christmas (Yankee Candle/Country Candle)

It took me a couple of months to complete my 
little Christmas candle collection, but it was
 so much fun. Look at those gorgeous labels! 
I found the three Yankee Candles on Ebay.
I also tried several gingerbread candles, 
but didn't like most of them because they were
 just too spicy for my taste (although I love gingerbread). Silver bells is from the current Country
 Candle collection. Lovely label and not the
 usual Christmas scent. Perfect.

Am I strong enough to really, really start burning them?
Yes, I am (a little sad perhaps), but hey, they are 
candles, they are meant to be burned ;).
1st Sunday of advent, December 3rd!