Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Me and my candles

When I bought my first scented candle
 (Mandarin Cranberry), I didn't know I would
 love them so much.
I have always burned lots of candles, 
but these are something special.

What I found out is that there are many candles
I love, but there are also many that I dislike or even hate.

I have made an agreement with myself that
 I don't collect them just to have them on the shelf. 
They are just too expensive to do that.
When I take the risk of buying a candle online 
and don't like the smell on cold, I sell it.

I burn like 3 or 4 candles at the same time and am
 only allowed to burn a new one when one of 
the others is completely burned down.
I have to set certain limitations for myself
 because I have always been a collector and I 
don't want this "hobby" to get out of hand!

Black Cherry and Honey Clementine are two of
 my top favorite scents from Yankee candle that I
 will always rebuy. And because I finished
 these two, I have chosen the following new ones:

When I sniffed Crunchy Pistachio Vanilla
 for the first time, I found it to be very intense. 
Honestly, almost too intense for my
 taste and I thought about selling it. 
However, my daughter loved it so much
that we burned it anyway.
It is very sweet (marzipan) and it's okay, but I
wouldn't buy this scent again, 
at least not in a large jar.

My 2nd choice is Moroccan Argan Oil. 
It's a heavy scent, but it's very creamy and
 it takes me back to Marrakesh 
(and we loved Marrakesh!).
I can imagine buying this candle again.