Wednesday, February 8, 2017


I have waited for Shifting Colours to be translated
 in Dutch or German, but I think it isn't going to
 happen, so I finally bought it in English. It is set in 
South Africa during apartheid and about
 adoption, so it's a book I have to read!  


This has been my bedtime reading for the last
 couple of days. I have seen it on so many
 booklists and I love it.
(The nightingale - Kristin Hannah)


I have watched all 8 seasons (!) of Gilmore Girls
 on Netflix during the last couple weeks and I had
 such a good time. I'm feeling a little sad now
 that I'm done. 


Next on my list is Outlander season two, but I will
 wait a couple of days, it's just too different from
 Gilmore Girls. I tried the first book, but I didn't like it.
 I gave it a second chance and bought the series
 on dvd because everybody talked about it. 
Although it is much too violent for my taste, 
I couldn't stop watching.


We started this audio book in the car. It's the first
 book of a series and my daughter loves it.
It's interesting to sometimes read the books
 they're reading and listen to the audiobooks
 they love.


I was out of audiobooks from the library, but found
 "The Stranger" by Harlan Coben on my phone. 
A lot of reviewers didn't like the ending...
let's see how the story develops.

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