Friday, January 13, 2017

The Lion King, Madurodam and the beach

Last weekend we went to the musical The Lion King
 (so amazing!) in the Netherlands in Scheveningen beach. We wanted to meet up with my sister and her family on Saturday, but the roads were extremely slippery in
 her part of the country and they couldn't make it
 (it's a 1,5-hour drive). 

Instead we went to Madurodam, a tourist attraction,
 showing lots of Dutch highlights in miniature.
 Last time I went there, my husband and I were
 not even married yet, which is almost 30 years ago.
 It was fun to take the kids there.

On Sunday the weather was unexpectedly beautiful
 and instead of driving back immediately, 
we had a short stop at the beach.

I miss the beach and the water in Holland so much.