Sunday, October 16, 2016

Project garden shed

My husband is still working on the garden shed. 
Now that the kids' dance classes have started 
again (he does the pick-up 3x a week because it's
on his way home) most of the work has to be
done during the weekend.
All the wood has been painted twice. 
He is repairing and painting the  windows 
and the double door for the moment.

Do you see the two galvanised planters?

They are dolly tubs and I bought them
 for his birthday. I like the matching colours of
 the shed and the tubs and they will really
 look great next spring with some nice plants.

The part where we store the wood still needs
 a new roof. We hope the work will be finished
 by the end of October, before it's getting too
 cold to work in the garden. We'll see.