Sunday, January 31, 2016

The master bedroom

Finally, the master bedroom is ready!
It feels so clean and fresh.

We really needed a new bed after 30 years and
 we ordered this Celtic wrought iron bed in Germany.

We left the picture wall the way it was
 (just to be sure, I took a picture before my husband took them off the wall when he started painting).

Because of the large headboard, bedside tables
 would take up too much space, therefore I used
 the baskets (Ikea) we already had.
Red baskets found on Amazon.

We bought a couple of woolen plaids in
gray and beige, all with different patterns. 

This mirror was a present from my husband
 (probably 20+ years ago).

Old French hook.

Our antique English shaving stand.

The wooden crate where I keep the books
 I'm reading before I go to sleep.

I think it needs some paint.

We didn't change the curtains (just washed them).

Behind the red curtain is the walk-in closet.

What I like most in the room is the iron baskets
 under the bed. I bought them some time ago
 on Ebay and I was using them elsewhere
 around the house. 

But when the new bed arrived I knew that they
were perfect for keeping the blankets. 

Same old chandelier (used to be above our dining table).

Same old family portrait.

Same old "bookcase" (that's what it used to be in the farmhouse where my husband grew up).
 I like it exactly the way it is.

Same old hat box and leather suitcase.

And finally: some red accents...

That's all (so happy that another
room is finished).