Saturday, December 12, 2015

My favorite things

One of my best buys this year was the "Cityshopper"
 from Reisenthel. The first two are mine
 and the one with the flowers is my daughter's
 dance bag. These bags have a lot of space,
 come in really nice patterns, are super easy
 to clean and not expensive
 (I've paid between 15 and 20€).
Totally worth the money.


I have bought six of these bread baskets 
on dawanda.de (it's the German "Etsy")
 for Christmas: two for me, two for the boys, 
one for one of their girlfriends and one for
my best friend.

They are beautifully handmade and really sturdy.
I prefer neutral colors, but they also come
in more colorful patterns.
Love them.

(this is not a sponsored post)