Saturday, November 7, 2015



I loved "The Light Between Oceans". It's about a lighthouse keeper and his wife on a remote island. She want a baby so badly, but she has several miscarriages. One morning, her husband finds a boat on the shore with a dead man and a baby. They decide to keep the child...

"Two Crosses" by Elizabeth Musser is the
first book of a trilogy called "Secrets of the Cross". 
It's a beautifully written story about love,
 trust and faith during the Algerian war for
 independence from France. 
It is not an easy book, but it's worth reading. 

This is the second book in the series ("Two Testaments").
I didn't read it yet, but I am planning to start next week.

I still have to find the third book ("Two destinies").
Preferably in German, second hand and a hardcover copy.

"The Paris Wife" is my current read and 
I'm really enjoying it.
It's the story of Hadley Richardson, 
Ernest Hemingway's first wife (of four). 
She was the wife that loved him before he became famous.
The story is told from Hadley's perspective.
I especially love reading about their life in Paris.


I found "The Crimson Field" by coincidence
and I didn't regret buying it. 
Once started, I couldn't stop watching!
If you love Downton Abbey and Call the midwife,
 you'll also love The Crimson Field.
It focuses on the lives of medics and patients
 at a field hospital in France during WW I.
There is only one problem...
apparently the BBC isn't planning a 2nd season. 
This makes me so sad!


I didn't buy any audiobooks for myself lately,
but my daughter is always begging for new stories.
Tommy Krappweis is a German actor and writer. 
This book is the first part of a trilogy about
Mara and my daughter loves it. 
We bought cd's this time, so we can listen together
in the car when driving to dance class.


Have a nice weekend everybody!