Friday, October 30, 2015

Painting the master bedroom

We built our house in a small village
 (+/- 600 inhabitants) in Luxembourg 24 years ago.
 It's a 5-bedroom house and over the last 
couple of years we repainted all the kids' rooms. 
There is only one room left, the master bedroom.
Although I loved the brown walls in combination
 with the white ceiling, we are going all white
 this time. I am looking forward to a fresher look.


At the same time we ordered a new bed. 
We bought the old bed even before we were
 married, that means it's 26+ years old.
We chose a bed with extra storage underneath
 because we lived in a small apartment at that time.
 I would never ever buy a bed like that again! 
There's just too much dust under the bed.
 The storage space has been empty ever since
 we left the apartment. And even then it was a
real nuisance to clean, because I always needed 
one of the kids to push up the slatted frame and 
I had to crawl under it to clean out the box
(praying that the kid wouldn't drop it on my head...).

But first let's start painting!

(To be continued)