Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My autumn reading list

Son number two came home with a
heavy bag full of books. 

And they were all for me
(I am the only reader in this family)!

I got a Kindle for my last birthday and I use it a lot. 
I love taking it on vacation and on our regular trips to the swimming pool. It is also perfect for night time reading because I can read in the dark without my reading glasses.

However, I still buy real books now and then. I always compare prices between used hardcover books (very good/like new) and Kindle books. Sometimes an almost new hardcover copy (incl. shipping cost) is a lot cheaper than the Kindle version! And because sending German books to Luxembourg is sometimes more expensive, I have them sent to one of my boys in Germany. So when they come home every couple of weeks, it feels like Christmas.

This is my autumn reading list:

The Language of Flowers - Vanessa Diffenbaugh
The Paris Wife - Paula McLain
The Housemaid's Daughter - Barbara Mutch
Two Crosses (Secrets of the Cross Trilogy 1) - Elizabeth Musser
Two Testaments (Secrets of the Cross Trilogy 2) - Elizabeth Musser
Calling Me Home - Julie Kibler
I was thrilled to find three
 "Little House" hardcover books 
(only 5 missing to make my collection complete!).

My daughter and I are planning to read
 "Emily of New Moon" (Lucy Maud Montgomery) together.

We are ready for autumn!