Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First-day-of-school outfits

The first-day-of-school outfit is always a big deal over here.
The kids normally need new clothes this time of the year.
The mornings are getting colder and they both have
grown so much over the summer months.

This is what they wore this morning:

I  buy most of my son's clothes at H&M 
(there is one in the shopping mall where I do my grocery shopping). They are not expensive, they always
 fit and he likes them.

I actually bought this top for myself (oh well...).
Jeans from Lola & Liza. 
I got a great deal on her leather sneakers (GEOX). 
They cost 125€ originally, but they were on sale for 54€. 

We're ready for the new school year!