Friday, July 31, 2015

The two most relaxing weeks of the year

I just had the two most relaxing weeks of the whole year. 
After the stressful third trimestre and several weeks
 of dance rehearsals and theatre performances,
 I was tired and really looking forward to the yearly organised children's activities by our community. 
My kids love it and I had two wonderful weeks, in which... 

... I put these flowers from the garden in almost 
every vase around the house.

... I a did a lot of work in the garden.

... I almost emptied my laundry baskets 
(such a great feeling).

... I had another serious decluttering round.

... I finished "Girl on the train" 
(an entertaining summer read) ...

... and started Sue Monk Kidd's
 "The invention of wings" (love it!).

I feel ready now for the remaining 7 weeks.