Saturday, July 4, 2015

The guest room is finally ready!

It is so nice to have this guest room ready.
No need to drag mattresses
around the house anymore.

The men in the house wanted the room to be gray,
so gray it is.

The first thing we bought was the closet (here).

I love see through closet doors! 
They make me keep the closet tidy.

We found the throw pillows here.

The bigger baskets come from Ikea.
See the little round basket?
It's an original Zulu basket from South Africa. 
There's another one on the windowsill. 
We bought them for the boys the first time
we were in Johannesburg.

I keep a pile of nice white towels in this room
(you don't want to see what our everyday towels look like).


The giant paper clips are so cute
(found in our local shopping mall). 
We use them for wet towels.

The bed is from ironbed.de.
Son number two asked for a bed without
 a footboard (he is rather tall).
We first bought a king size mattress from Ikea,
but unfortunately it was way too high for
the bed and it covered half of the beautiful
headboard. Ikea always promotes itself by 
telling that you can bring back your mattress
when you're not satisfied, so that's what we did.
(Did you ever try to roll back up a king size
Ikea mattress?
Too bad we didn't take pictures). 
We bought two smaller ones instead.

The teabag artwork from South Africa! 
I love the way it looks in this room.

Brown, silver and black, the exact color
scheme of the room.

I only have one set of sheets for this bed. 
When the boys leave, the sheets are washed and
 put back on the bed again immediately.
The floor lamp is from Ikea (Barometer).
We wanted neutral curtains and found them at Heytens.

We hadn't planned to buy this buffet, but walking
 around Ikea it caught my eye (Liatorp). 
It was the perfect fit and not very expensive.

The clothes stand used to be in one of the boys' rooms.

And finally the flowers...they were for free.....

.....from the garden.

Have a wonderful Sunday!