Saturday, April 25, 2015

Project guest room

When we built our house 25+ years ago, this
was our oldest son's bedroom.

Years later, after we brought our youngest kids
home, that son moved down stairs and his old
room was turned into a baby boy bedroom.

And last year, when son number two came back
home to live with us during his internship, 
this room was used as his bedroom.

When the boys went to Germany (and after
lots of decluttering), we were left with two almost
empty rooms in the house. 

And we decided: Now is the time for a guest room.
A room that is always clean and ready when
 someone wants to sleep over at our house.

The room was painted, the wooden floor was
sanded and we moved this huge, very practical, 
but ugly closet to the garage.

We bought a new (old) smaller wardrobe instead (here).
It was already painted grey.

 Instead of hiding pillows and blankets
 behind doors, I chose to let them be
 part of the decoration.

I really love the fresh look.

Now we're just waiting for the double bed to arrive.
I'll keep you updated.