Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boys bedroom make-over

My 22-year-old finished his three months' internship
at a bank here in Luxembourg two weeks ago
 and went back to Germany again.

Now that the boys are both adults (with girl friends), 
we decided to turn their old rooms into guest rooms
 and use some of their furniture for our (almost)
 10-year-old's new room (the bed, night stand, 
bed lamp (new lamp shade) and the  book case).

I found grey bed sheets and a bed cover with stars.
The pillows were his brother's.

Even the curtains have small grey stars.

The desk and the lamp are new (IKEA).

The chair is old (IKEA).
Bookcase from his oldest brother.

This beautiful print from South Africa was a
 birthday present (I framed it myself).

The eye catcher in this room is definitely Rudolph. 
My sister brought him for Christmas, but
I just couldn't put him away after the holidays.

This old crate holds part of his books.

Love these IKEA bins, I use
them everywhere around the house.

One happy boy!

P.S. No, I'm not sponsored by IKEA ;-).