Saturday, July 12, 2014

Where Bloggers Create 2014

Welcome to my little studio! 
I'm linking up with Karen (My Desert Cottage) today.


The room is full of old stuff gathered over numerous years.
When I bought the cabinets and the mannequins they still had reasonable prices. The embroideries were all made by my aunt 50 years ago. 

 This is the table where I sit when I'm writing my blog posts.

^  A Bolga basket from Ghana.

^ I love love love dress forms.

 ^ Pin cushion from Holland.

^ An old English cutlery box.

 ^ Shoe lasts with high heels.

^ I love to use old drawers (this one is from Belgium) to organize my craft supplies.

^ My favorite cabinet and some of my hat stands.

^ I have four of these crates. 
They come from an old German factory
that used to make shoe lasts. 

We found most of the glass jars in my late 
mother-in-law's attic.

^  An old olive basket (bought in Germany - it probably comes from Italy or France).

Love these cabinets (bought in Holland) because
of the upper part glass doors.

^ I use antique Dutch glass lid cookie jars to 
organize my stamps.

One side of my studio has two floor to ceiling glass
doors, they used to be the terrace doors before we 
renovated the house. 
They are really great because I can see
who is killing who what's happening in the living room.

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