Sunday, May 18, 2014

His 9th birthday

It is hard to believe that the little boy who made our family complete, turned nine beginning of May.

His big brothers came home from Germany
and we went bowling. He felt very special.

And last Friday he invited his friends from school and from the neighborhood. Sixteen in total. I prayed all week for nice weather. The beginning of the week was very cold and rainy, but on Friday morning the sky was all blue and it stayed like that the whole day. I was SO grateful! There was a lot of trampoline jumping and soccer playing in the garden and the house stayed clean. Now that's my kind of birthday party.

I want to show you one of his presents. I had looked for a map of South Africa for his room for weeks, when I found this poster. The colors and the paper are just beautiful. Shipping only took about two weeks. I used a white passe partout and a white frame. It is such a cool poster for a child's room.