Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Rose years

When I opened my mailbox on Friday, a bubble envelope from the U.S. was waiting for me. It took "Little House on Rocky Ridge" more than a month to arrive in Luxembourg. When I finished the original series by Laura Ingalls, I wanted to own the rest of the series so much. I started searching for second hand hardcover copies on Alibris.co.uk and Alibris.com. I searched for weeks, because some of them sell for ridiculous prices. I have bought six out of eight books now. I wanted to read them in the right sequence, so I had to wait for Rocky Ridge to arrive. I am so excited to finally start reading The Rose Years next week. I can't wait!

There are still two books missing: New Dawn on Rocky Ridge (which is on the way) and On the Other Side of the Hill (which is very hard to find for an acceptable price).

I already started looking for the Caroline, Charlotte and Martha years, I even have a paper hanging on my
pinboard with all the titles.

They are really hard to find and very
expensive, even in paperback.
Well, we'll see.