Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our trip to Holland

It had been a year since our last trip to Holland, so it was really time to head north again and visit my family. We told the boys we would be gone for a week  and that they could invite their friends from Germany if they wanted to. We were a little bit worried about the house though, but apart from the fact that they didn't clean the kitchen once (they didn't cook, they only ate frozen pizzas!), they left our brand new bbq in the rain and there was drying laundry all over the place, the house still stands.


We had a really nice lake-view apartment. I miss the feeling of being surrounded by water so much. 

We visited the "Dolfinarium". The last time I went there was perhaps 15 years ago. The kids loved the dolphins and the sea lions.

A visit to the Netherlands is never complete without fresh fried "kibbeling".....

..... bought at a typical Dutch fish stall.

The fishermen's harbour of Harderwijk.

What a lovely week we had!

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  1. Fijn dat jullie genoten hebben! Blijft toch altijd trekken...
    Wij zijn 5 dagen met de kids naar Hamburg geweest, ook super!