Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I wore Wednesday March 13, 2013

The weather was rather dark for taking good photos, 
but the real reason is that I gained 4-5 kg
and I'm really feeling unhappy about it
(they are around my belly, in case you don't see them :- (( )
Tomorrow in a month, my daughter will be 
celebrating her First Holy Communion and I want 
to lose 3 kg at least until then. 
I cannot stay away from chocolate.

I combined my blue cardigan from Cassis with a new 
underdress from Cream (love the color).
Tights from Noa Noa and boots from Caprice.

The purse is from Phynes Paris.
I bought it for a party a couple years ago
(it is too small to hold my wallet).


My daughter wears a dress from Bengh.
We liked it so much that we bought the
 same dress in pink as well. 
She looks great in any color
with her beautiful brown skin.