Sunday, February 17, 2013

Birthday gifts

 It was my birthday last Wednesday (my 50th)
and my husband gave me the gift 
I had secretly hoped for. 

I never had a real camera. 
I took all my pictures with one of these 
compact Sony cameras.
It was okay, but I dreamed of 
having a real one.
I can't wait to find out how it works
and start shooting my first 
real pictures. 

It was a quiet birthday. It was just the two of us
and the kids. The boys are in the middle of 
university exams and my sister wanted to come,
but it is a 4-hour drive and the risk of 
having snow in the Ardennes is just too 
high this time of year. 

She sent me a cardboard box full
 of sweet little presents instead 
(well, some of them were age-related and
somewhat embarrassing :-)).

One of the gifts was a sky lantern. 
I had never seen one before. 
The kids were really excited because
 it went up

soooooo high!