Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The best money spent in 2012

The very best thing we spent our money
on in 2012 were the washing machines we
 gave our boys for their respective birthdays. 
I did their laundry for 22 long years. 
During the last years they either played basketball
 or worked out every single day of the week.
 They sweat a lot and my laundry pile
 was getting higher and
smelling worse every year. 
When they moved to Germany and started
 coming home with these huge bags
 of dirty laundry, I finally came to the point
 where I had enough. 
And honestly, who wants a man that
cannot take care of his own dirty socks
 and underwear these days!? 
We bought a no name machine on sale
 for son number one and son number
two bought the machine
 from the previous renter for a nice price.
 For the first time in a long, long time
 I feel like I now have my laundry under control 
and it feels so, so good!


The second thing that was really worth
the money was my subscription to Audible.de.
We love audiobooks!
We listen to them in the car, sometimes
during lunchtime and almost every
night in bed. It calms them down.
 Listening to German audiobooks
makes language learning so much easier
for my kids. I normally burn the stories
on CDs and they both have their own
CD player discman with headphones.
Downloading an audiobook never costs
you more than 9.95 €. Shorter children's
books cost less. It is really worth
our money!


The third great investment for my family was the  
soy milk maker we bought in July.
I normally make fresh soy/rice/almond milk
two or three times a week. 

I didn't make any during the Holidays and
after a couple of days the kids started asking:
 "Why don't you make soy milk anymore?"
I normally soak my beans during the night and
prepare the milk first thing in the morning.
All natural, love it!

What was your best buy in 2012?