Sunday, September 9, 2012

Rodemack brocante

The weather forecast was excellent for today, so my husband and I headed over to France to the beautiful medieval village of Rodemack. We visited the village before, but today was the first time we went there for the brocante.

The medieval walls are almost perfectly preserved.

I bought this old printer's tray for "dix euros". I was still looking for one to hang on the wall in my studio.

And this Victorian pitcher/decanter with silver plated top was only "huit euros". It was just the one that was missing in my small collection. Sometimes a girl just gets lucky!

What I loved but didn't buy was this French porcelain. The color was so beautifully faded.

I really love the fact that we can leave the kids at home now with their brothers for a couple of hours (because none of them appreciates the brocante and they are hungry, thirsty, hot, bored or have to go to the toilet all the time).