Sunday, August 12, 2012


I don't like plastic and I like quiet colors for my home.
I prefer to use preloved objects to keep small treasures and crafting supplies

... such as old wooden cutlery trays,

... old wooden boxes,

... old leather collar boxes,

... and old cookie bins.

But I made an exception last week and bought this colorful set of plates, granola bowls and cups for the six of us. I'll tell you why.

Except for three bedrooms upstairs, our whole house is tiled. I really like my tiles because they are so easy to clean. The only disadvantage is that every time something falls on the floor, it breaks into a hundred pieces (four kids and a cat!). I stopped counting how many sets of crockery we dropped over the last 20-something years. This meant that we never had matching plates and cups, they were all single pieces from different sets. Last year we decided to buy plain white IKEA plates and bowls. They were cheap and we could easily replace them because we have IKEA just around the corner. What we didn't know was that the plates didn't fit in our dish washer. Isn't that strange!? I really don't understand why IKEA sells plates that are too big for a normal dishwasher! One day I took them all to the recycling center. I started searching online and found RICE from Denmark. Unbreakable, dishwasher proof melamine and the colors make me happy. Every family member chose his/her favorite color. I am excited that it really works for our family. I should have done this years ago. I used to have cups and bowls and plates all over the house. The children took a clean plate for almost every slice of bread. Dirty plates were left all over the place and it was always "someone else" who put them there. Now that everybody has his/her own color, they search for their plates instead of taking a clean one from the cupboard. And if we find a dirty plate, bowl or cup, we always know "who did it".
I just don't know why it took me more than 20 years to figure this out.