Saturday, August 18, 2012

Getting rid of the (school year) clutter

The day my son graduated from high school, we sorted out all his paperwork. We started by bringing his books to the recycling center. I am sure they have already found a new owner.

After that we got rid of all the other paperwork we found in his room (tons!).

And when my daughter had her last day of school (mid July) before the summer holidays, I started sorting out her stuff as well. I kept all her printed dictation sheets because we (well, actually I) want to repeat part of them to prepare for the next school year. All the rest went into the blue paper container in our village.

But that wasn't all! I cannot believe there is still so much clutter in the house. My husband drove all this stuff to "Troc", a thrift store where you can bring (almost) anything you don't want/need anymore. They do all the work for you and take about 1/3 of the price when it is sold. You lose some money but you can just drop it there and they do the rest. You fix a price for the larger objects and they give you something like 10 € for all the rest (cds, plates, books etc.). When an object isn't sold after a certain amount of time, you can pick it up and take it home again (but I don't think we ever had something that didn't sell over the years). Of course we could make more money putting it on Ebay, but this just takes so much time and energy. With two college students, two primary school kids, homework (3 languages), dancing classes three times a week, a house extension, bathroom renovation and a garden, time is more valuable than money in this phase of life for our family.