Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Country Chique

Whenever I plan visiting the Netherlands, I use the opportunity to send parcels to my sister and my parents to save on shipping cost. One of my all time favorite Dutch antique shops is Country Chique. It is run by Angélique and her husband. They travel to England, France and Belgium regulary and always bring home the loveliest pieces of antique.

Last time I was in Holland, I had a huge parcel from Angélique waiting for me at my father's place. I love to unpack parcels, even when I know what's inside.

It contained this beautiful tin hat box. I love hat boxes. It fascinates me that women would carry around such a big tin just to protect their hats.

I have a small collection of hat boxes, but I have never seen one like this before. I think the lettering definitely adds character to the box. Who were you, Grace Truett?

Another tin. It has "Adelphi Theatre" painted on top. When I googled this name, I found out that the theatre was built in 1806 in London and still exists. How cool is that!

Please pay Angélique a visit (www.countrychique.nl). The site is in Dutch, but her one of a kind photos speak for themselves!