Monday, December 26, 2011


My camera memory card has given up and all my Christmas photos are gone. Yes, I know, there are worse things in life...

During our stay in the Netherlands I tried to catch up on movies. I am so behind on DVD's. When we were a kidless couple, we used to go to the cinema almost every weekend. I love movies! Thank God for the DVD player!

I really liked "House of sand and fog". I bought the book by Andre Dubus III when it was selected for Oprah's Book Club. I loved Ben Kingsley from the moment he played Ghandi. My husband liked it too.

"The piano" - beautiful movie. I can only imagine what it must be like to love an instrument that much. My husband only watched the beginning, I think it is more of a girl's movie.

"In my father's den" - not an easy movie but absolutely worth watching. Matthew MacFadyen gives a moving performance. Surprising plot twist. I think I liked the movie more than my husband :-).

"The blind side" - my husband watched this movie from beginning to end (he loves sports). I did too and it was nice, but nothing special.

"Hachi, a dog's tale" - oh my, what a sweet movie! What a special friendship. It was hard not to cry. Can you imagine that dog waited for nine years at the railway station for his owner to come back. It broke my heart. My husband worked on the computer but I saw him watch secretly all the time :-).